Good Natural Health Solutions Should Be Timeless

There are some natural health solutions that are timeless. Although the world, and all who live on it are changing, there are some things which are timeless. Natural laws never change. So the natural health modalities that are based on natural laws, will never change either. In an often confusing world, this can be reassuring.

Let’s look at how one of the best natural health modalities, homeopathy, is timeless and how you can easily learn to use the common remedies at home.

Recorded homeopathic concepts go back over 2,000 years. But homeopathy in its present form was founded a little earlier than 1800. This means that time has proven its effectiveness and its efficiency. All the treatments that were discovered in the early days are still just as useful, if not more so, today.

It’s time that sorts out problems. It’s time that unearths falseness and truth. In all the time that homeopathy has been around, there has never been a single remedy, or medicine, removed because it caused any harm. Or for any other reason.

New fads come and go. Often they are simply to provide a quick profit for someone. So the advertising is often targeted to make you feel old fashioned or ‘past it’, if you don’t comply. However, those you don’t comply, are those who can often see the truth behind the fad.

Is your health too precious to succumb to a modern fad? Do you value your health enough to prefer to use tried and tested natural remedies?

Homeopathy is fast acting, non-toxic, safe and economical;. It works by stimulating your immune system in a gentle way. Homeopathy works in the same direction as your body’s best efforts. This means that you immediately start to feel better, to improve.

Although it is hard to go part the skills of a professional homeopath, you can learn to use some of the common remedies at home.

The Continuously Successful Run of iHerb and the Alternative Natural Health Solutions it Brings

People who have been taking prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs to counter a wide range of ailments, diseases, and maladies have to contend with the many harmful side-effects that these chemical-based remedies bring. One solution to getting rid of all these side-effects was to switch to an alternative source of health natural enough not to cause any contraindications.

For this very reason, people have started going back to the grassroots and imitating what their ancestors did many thousands of years ago. Centuries ago, plants and herbs were used to cure a variety of conditions without any of the harmful side-effects. With this in mind, people started going back to nature, and the alternative natural health products industry was born.

For more than a decade now,, a USA-based online store from Irwindale, California has provided hundreds and thousands of natural health consumers top brands of herbal supplements and natural health products. iHerb has literally grown by word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers, as well as by excellent customer service and keeping in touch with the needs of their consumers.

At the very onset of the business, the website was ingeniously run from the support of its members and loyal customers. Each customer received a referral code they could pass on to members of their family and friends. Each time a referred individual purchased natural health products using this code, the referrer received an iHerb coupon worth $5. This was known as the first generation of referrals.

From this level, the referred customer is then invited to create an account and receive a referral code. From this referral code, a second generation of customers is born, which would garner the original customer a trickle down commission of 4%, 3%, 2%, and so on. This was how the business grew, helped along by an increasing number of people gravitating towards natural remedies and herbal medications.

With the mistrust of chemical-based drugs growing, continued to thrive. Members of the site enthusiastically use their coupons to receive discounts, and even a cash back each time their commissions reach the amount of $300. With a system that allows loyal customers to enlist the membership of more customers, this natural health provider company became a revolving door of sorts where a steady stream of consumers entered on a regular basis.

With the use of the iHerb coupon as an incentive, coupled with the member-get-member referral code, the company eventually became the leading contender for natural health supplement suppliers. These suppliers brought the company to great renown by allowing iHerb to sell their stock of natural health remedies to a public clamoring for a healthier change.

In the search engines, the company has a 2800+ page rank, giving it enough leeway to be the go-to herbal and natural supplement health provider online for a long, long time to come. With the quality products it provides, its excellent customer service, extensive information hub, and constant health updates, iHerb is slated to be the in-demand company to provide natural alternative health solutions for a wide segment of the population.

Maitake Mushrooms – Your Progressive Natural Health Solution

In a quest for a progressive natural health solution, one might take a close look at the healing potentials of Grifola frondosa or the Maitake mushroom. There are many types of edible mushrooms and they all are very nutritious and healthy for you, but Maitake mushrooms seem to be at the top of the list as far as its natural healing properties.

Maitake mushrooms can be found growing in the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states as well as in eastern Canada, Japan, China and Europe. This edible mushroom grows in clusters at the trunk of dying or dead hardwood trees, especially oaks. The Maitake is a large mushroom with some specimens weighing more than fifty pounds.

Maitake mushrooms are delicious and can be consumed in many ways. This mushroom is excellent simply sliced and sautéed or it can be used in soups and stews. Another popular way this wonderful mushroom is consumed is by steeping the dried mushroom into a relaxing tea. You should experiment with Maitake mushrooms, adding them to your favorite recipes and enjoying its delicious flavor.

Many types of edible mushrooms are used as medicinal mushrooms, but perhaps Maitake mushrooms have the greatest healing potential. The purported healing properties of this medicinal mushroom are:

enhances the immune system
regulates blood pressure
aids in weight loss
chronic fatigue syndrome

There are many progressive natural health solutions available for the health conscious consumer. Maitake mushrooms are the most promising types of edible mushrooms. Perhaps the Maitake can deliver the health benefits you are looking for. Perhaps Maitake mushrooms are the solution for vibrant health and longevity. Perhaps the Maitake is a blessing from nature.

Simple Health Solutions Found in Your Kitchen

If you are looking for simple solutions to relieving and healing your minor health problems, try looking in your kitchen cupboards. There are often remedies hidden away that can provide relief and healing and can save you a doctors visit.

To save yourself time and money and still get effective results for your families minor health issues, try some of these remedies.

Cloves – Mix a clove with a dash of cinnamon and a dash of ginger and boil it. Brew up this mixture into a tea with some honey and drink it throughout the day. This can provide relief for those nasty soar throats.

Baking Soda – Fighting a urinary tract infection? Drinking baking soda mixed with water is a natural bacteria suppressant and can help fight infections. Drinking the soda water will make the bladder become more alkaline and help fight urinary tract infections.

While sometimes you may still require further treatment from the doctor, drinking 8 oz. of water with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda will help prevent the infection from getting worse.

Tonic Water – If you are having trouble sleeping and have restless legs at night, try drinking 6 oz. of tonic water before you go to bed.

Many people don’t know that there are small amounts of quinine in tonic water. Quinine helps stop contractions in the muscles in your legs. Calm and still legs will help you get the rest you need through the night.

There are still many other substances to find and use in your kitchen cupboard that can provide natural relief for many different ailments. These are just a few of the more popular ones. Never underestimate the strength of natural remedies that can be found hidden in your kitchen.

Mental Health Solutions

It’s not your fault. They may also suffer physical symptoms such as drastic changes in eating and sleeping patterns, always restless and wanted the power of focus. I feel your pain because I am a person suffering from depression for over 8 years and I am sure I can say that’s not their fault.

Let me tell you why you’re here. You are here because you know that clinical depression is not the way you want for your life. You know that either way, there are ways to overcome them. But the solution to avoid just because you are not experiencing the process of overcoming depression one step at a time.

You may have spent years looking for me, but spent looking for the best part of my life for you to tell you this – is “stuck” in the depression that the effectiveness of antidepressants and psychotherapy allow depression to take international control of your life. Depression was your experience during which you begin to believe that this is what they are. But that’s just something that, for example, has a “heart disease”.

Such as heart disease, depression is suspected due to the factors of the complex and interrelated: genetic, biochemical environment. Whatever the cause (discussed shortly), who unknowingly so depressed. We have learned to care for and work around it.

Although you can achieve great things, but the struggle continues, rather than satisfaction. We expect this technique to pass the day, we lose a real recovery, deep joy and healthy emotion, or feeling that life on this planet. In the end, things only get worse if the cause is not treated.

Get the facts!

Hypothesis 1: Depression is a medical illness caused by neurochemicals

As with previous research shows, only the symptoms and physical symptoms rather than causes.

Depression can feel like a physical disorder because you feel sleepy all the time, body aches and pains, changes in sleep patterns and more. But remember, all these physical symptoms caused by depression and not vice versa.

Important to note is the fact that there is a decrease in neurotransmitters (monoamines such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in many cases of depression. However, low levels of serotonin are the symptoms of depression, not a cause. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that if you give up the pleasure to participate in activities and pessimistic thinking, low serotonin levels.

Theory 2: Depression is in the genes

Depression is learned, not genetic. It is because depression is much to do with the style of thinking, behavior and interpersonal relationships of the DNA, and therefore many opportunities for people to learn the style of family depression. In this case, more likely to experience depression, but not for the sake of their genes, but their desire to learn what they see and follow.

Assumption 3: Depression caused by traumatic events and adverse experiences

If something bad happens to you or your loved ones around him, of course, is perfectly natural to feel sad, hurt, anger or shock. Often a traumatic event can be attributed to the initial depression, but that does not mean cause. It is clear that since we are all aware of the people survive the most horrible conditions imaginable without becoming clinically depressed.

Much people write to tell me about the thousands of dollars they spent on doctors, therapists, and medication when in the end, all we need is a technique I described in “Methods of depression-free.” Do not believe the burden of high tariffs that do not need for assistance and expertise so I think you will find these updates interesting.

Natural Health Solutions For Your Children

Growing up as a child there was a statement that was spoken to me that cannot be forgotten. When you live in the solutions, your problems will go away. You all kill me when you go to a doctor for a type of remedy or benefit. That event is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy, or maybe extreme ignorance. Perhaps you simply are brain washed from too many commercials and fake shows depicting that venue as one of health.

There was a great article recently published by Dr. Mercola sharing the exploits of Dr. Robert Rowen. Dr. Rowen is a graduate of one of the finest medical schools on the planet. He is more so known for introducing through legislation the first ever laws that protect a physician for using natural remedies. These are my words and paraphrased so may not be exactly correct and will link his article and video recently done down in the author box. His take on the drug companies is strict. When they knew that one of their drugs was dangerous and kept it on the market anyway, is called murder.

What is so very amazing to me is the absence of common sense when seeing a physician. When you see them come into the office you have been waiting and the nurse has likely already done most of the work checking you for symptoms. Now here comes the doctor with questions, not answers. They ask you what your symptoms are. Do they find out anything at all about you or your life? Are you ever asked about nutrition and diet and how much water you drink daily? How about what kind of water do you drink? Is it live or dead or worse, distilled? If your doctor asks you to try a new drug, you are being asked to promote unproven drugs with zero science behind it practices. Are you crazy?

The three or four minute office visit quickly wrapped up with a decision to write a prescription for a petrochemical pill called medicine that will repress your symptoms, not cure your problem is given and on to the next person. Dr. Rowen has spoken in front of thousands of medical doctors and each time pulls out a one hundred dollar bill and offers it to the audience to the first physician who can prove that drugs and medications of any kind can resolve any health issue. He still maintains possession of those original hundred bucks.

The three building blocks of health according to Dr. Rowen are nutrition, elimination of toxins, and stress. Many of you reading this may be living in a state of malnutrition. One of our kids success is they have never eaten fast food of any kind. We don’t own or ever eat any food that has been in a microwave oven. The best was to think of that is eating radiated food. Does that even make sense to you? If you are the person who grabs a pastry with coffee and eats fast food then consumes a microwave dinner or goes out to eat, you are someone who needs help now. So may your kids. They are not fat and obese due to hereditary reasons; genetics do not work that way. Your children are obese because they eat at the same table or food you do.

Most Americans who are obese and fat are actually toxic. Your body is craving nutrients and since you are not giving it any, your body is storing everything you foolishly put into it. One step you can take now is starting to eat live food. Eating a vine ripened fruit or vegetable that is organic is the best place to start. Maybe it is time to go to your local farmers market. Start one if there isn’t any nearby. Sadly I can say most Americans have never drunk live water. Non chlorinated water is a great start. There is a world wide website called find a spring you may use to locate this vital resource near you for free.

Many of you may not know that when you dump toxins often you feel worse before you feel better. Your body has been storing your toxins in your fat cells and when it begins to release these dangers, you feel the effects. Not to worry, your body that already has repaired itself many times knows how much of the toxins it can dump at a time. My suggestion is to remember how long it takes you to walk into the woods, is usually the same amount of time it takes to walk back out. If you have microwave mentality you are in for some challenges.

If you wish to review a free report or subscribe to natural health info then do not hesitate to contact us. Lifestyle is an interesting thing. Our family does not watch television. To me that is not lifestyle at all. Who knows, maybe that is another reason why we are so healthy? We are not sedentary people who sit in front of a box with zero activity and programming our thoughts and buying habits. We don’t waste time and money in a something that sucks the life out of people.

Natural health is not only a choice for us, it is a lifestyle. Not being healthy is also a choice. It is our hopes to educate you to live a better life for you and your loved ones today.

Dr. Mike spent several years on the Board of a world natural health organization. His family lives the life he teaches and helps others do the same. His wife Shannon spent years assisting the executive director of research for the WHNO in protocols. She uses cleansing and nutrition as a cornerstone for her and her families health. For a free report on 7 steps to natural health subscribe today.

Health Retreats – Your Complete Health Solution

As the world today is becoming more technologically advanced, people are leading a more hectic and stressful life. People today are prone to health diseases which were unheard of until a few years back. Often people go to get this treated after entering the last stage of the disease. Today, however, you can get rid of these ailments with the help of various health retreats. Earlier the retreats and spas were referred to the resorts which had mineral springs. They would also have a whirlpool bath created with the help of a device used to aerate and swirl the water. Today, however, the health resorts are a new world of luxuries altogether. They are considered to be a place to rejuvenate and relax ones mind, body and soul. This is done with the help of various massages and the different mix of body relaxing techniques.

The health retreats Australia is today considered as a synonym of health maintenance and therapeutic healing. If you want to go to a health retreat centre, then you should know what service you actually want there as the retreats and spas today offer an assortment of health services all under one roof.There are different types of spas and resorts that offer health service, like, club spas, resorts and hotels, medical retreats, mineral health retreats, eco resorts, destination resorts, mobile spas and day spas. Now, depending upon the type of service you are looking for, for instance, if you want to pamper your senses, or looking for a deluxe treatment, activity or holistic healing or authentic therapy, accordingly you could choose the health retreat you want to go to.

The different health resorts NSW offer different spa services like:

Day Spas:

Here you can plan a quick break from your hectic routine by either opting for a full day treatment or a half day treatment. These spas do not offer accommodation. They are mostly located at airports, hotels, shopping centers and other stand alone locations. The day spa generally offers services which include hand and foot treatments, body wraps and body massage and European facial. There are some which also includes hair treatments.

Mobile Spas

These are among the most recent and more popular forms of health retreats and spas. You can enjoy the wellness of this spa at the venue of your convenience.

Destination Retreats

A destination health retreat is a complete package that is located in an exotic location which benefits your state of mind and also offers other therapies and treatments. These holiday retreats offer a completely holistic treatment which includes services like body wraps, body tanning, detox, aroma therapy, rejuvenating therapies like acupuncture, and spa cuisines.These are some of the more popular forms of health retreats Australia. Apart from these, there are other holiday retreats which offer similar service.

There are options available for you based on your budget and time. You can chose services and retreats accordingly, which will help you get back to your day to day

Reflexology – Holistic Health Solution

Reflexology is a therapy that involves the application of pressure to particular points known as reflexes that are normally present in the feet, hands and head, especially the ears thereby encouraging the body to heal from inside. It is one of the ancient healing arts that help to treat stress and pain throughout the body.

Reflexology is mainly based on ancient Chinese theory that energy in the human bodies are flowing all around. People lead a healthy and balanced life if this energy flows freely inside the body and if any obstruction occurs, it will lead to illnesses.

How Reflexology works:

Reflexology practitioners believe that the foot can be separated into numerous reflex zones that correspond to all zones of energy in the body. So, the application of pressure in the form of massage to ‘gritty’ or ‘tight’ areas of the person’s foot stimulates the corresponding areas of the energy body, thereby assisting in the self-healing process.

How is Reflexology performed:

In Reflexology therapy, pressure is applied to the hands, feet or ears using various techniques like finger pressure, holds, thumb, rubbing, rotation, kneading and/or hand.

When Reflexology therapy is done by a skilled professional, it causes a deep relaxing sensation throughout the body. But if the therapist is inadequately trained, the client may not notice health benefits, just a comforting foot massage.

Reflexology session – What to expect:

The Reflexology session usually lasts for around 45 minutes to one hour. The client relaxes comfortably on a reclining chair and feet are placed conveniently for the therapist to work on it. Depending on the therapist’s training, they can work on either the feet, hands or ears (or a combination of all three) methodically using stretch, pressure, and relaxation techniques. At the end of the session, the client feels a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

Who can benefit from Reflexology:

Reflexology is a non- invasive therapy that benefits almost every individual irrespective of their age or health conditions. It is known to help all ages, from elderly people who have arthritic problems and suffer from mobility problems to babies who suffer from colicky pains.

It is known to be effective and helpful in a variety of physical as well as psychological concerns. It is a holistic approach that treats the person as a whole rather than the symptoms only.

Reported benefits of Reflexology include alleviates pain, causes relaxation, enhances blood flow and circulation, helps in post-operative recovery, balances blood pressure and cholesterol, decreases stress and anxiety, stimulates nerve functions, enhances immune system, complements cancer care through easing pain, nausea, vomiting and anxiety in patients suffering from cancer, and also has great reports of easing women through delivery as well as any post partum effects after childbirth.

Reflexology is also known to assist in certain health conditions like allergies, asthma, gastro intestinal problems, skin conditions like eczema, gynecological disorders, thyroid disorders, kidney problems, insomnia respiratory problems, muscle tension, sinusitis and much more.

Final thoughts of Reflexology:

Reflexology is remarkable for restoring balance in the body. Reflexology is growing in popularity with individuals who turn to it to prevent and alleviate stress and anxiety which creates so many of today’s common health conditions.

Lauren Slade has over 30 years experience as a practicing health care practitioner as a Reflexologist and Master Herbalist. She is the Principal and Founder of the Universal College of Reflexology, established since 1991. Lauren has pioneered ways of bringing high quality Reflexology education to students where ever they may live in the world, believing that everyone has the right to practice and experience the healing powers of Reflexology. Lauren is a sought after mentor, lecturer and educator.

Your Health Solutions and Whole-Body Regenerative Radiant Therapy by Far Infrared

It is an invisible ray of natural sunlight that has the longest wavelength. It is capable of penetrating deep into the human body and gently elevates the surface temperature of the body and also activates major bodily functions.

There is scientific evidence that deep heat can enhance the beneficial effects of healing therapy. This thermal technology is effective, safe, natural, hygienic and efficient approach to thermal treatment. Many health and medical professionals internationally have been using heat therapy to treat many physical problems.

The far infrared ray with a wavelength of 2 to 25 microns is considered the most therapeutic and the penetration depth in the tissues is about 1.5 inches or 40mm. This is the same infrared energy that our bodies radiate and thus is naturally safe for use in heat therapy.

This thermal therapy is perfect for those who do not have time for regular exercise or suffer from injuries that prevent them from having vigorous activity. You will derive the same effects from doing exercise e.g. half an hour of this thermal session is equivalent to about six mile run.

The healing benefits of Far Infrared include:

o Expulsion of toxins or Detoxification

o Weight Control

o Pain Relief

o Reduce Stress

o Improve the Immune System

o Improve Skin Condition

o Relaxation & Enjoyment

o Improvement in many medical conditions

Heat healing is now becoming the leading edge in the care of tissue injuries, joint stiffness, muscles spasms and other related conditions. It helps in blood circulation and also increases the extensibility of collagen tissues.

Recently, it has been used in cancer therapy although it is new and at an experimental stage. In some cases it has shown great promises. Normally you will not experience pain when using far Infrared system and if you do that means the use of this radiant heat (2 – 25 microns) is not suitable for you at that time.

A Good Senior Health Solution Promises Peace of Mind

Senior citizens, be it parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents or any aged relatives, have always been a cause of much anxiety and concern to younger members in the family. The commitments that need to be met by the youngsters of today in order to survive and the inability to cater to the pressing needs of elders are the main reasons for such anxieties. This is intensified if being present physically to help elders live comfortably becomes difficult. And if there are eventualities of health, people are rendered helpless. Thankfully one can access a suitable senior health solution service to put the anxiousness to rest.

A good senior health solution will include services of physical, social, spiritual, psychological, recreational and educational nature. They offer these services in various ways and work effectively to enhance the quality of life of the senior citizens. Once an appropriate solution is drawn out, worrying youngsters can be at ease with respect to caring for needy elders. These solutions help families manage, prevent and treat physical and mental problems faced by elders and also provide day or live-in care. There are many exclusive senior websites that discuss such services in detail and educate care givers, family members and senior citizens regarding various aspects related to senior health care.

These senior health solutions provide access to balanced communities and adapt a patient centric approach in dealing with problems faced by senior citizens. The solutions also include various health-related schemes and financial plans, these include: insurance policies, pension schemes, senior health allowances and so on. In most cases these solutions contribute to the self sufficiency of senior citizens and make their lives less worry-some.

Aspects such as home care services, day care, patient security, resident safety, storage and inventory solutions, health plans, health insurances, rehabilitation, visiting nurses, hospice facilities, and medic supplies and so on are covered by these solutions and work wonders in the life of elderly people who depend on assistance from others to carry on with their daily routines. There are different age limits set by different solution providers when it comes to extension of such services.

In conclusion, various housing, home care, nutritional, socialization, financial and legal plans come under the purview of such services. A good senior health solution is comprehensive, sensible and promises peace of mind to the elders as well as the people involved in making such solutions accessible to these senior citizens.